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OTHER RECIPROCITIES (about reciprocity in Relational Art)


Namen (auteur/functie)

Evenement data

DeFENIKS, Deurneleitje 6, 2640 Mortsel : 28.01.2020 - 28.01.2020
nog te vertalen "Reciprocity has many faces, from the univocal-give a little- take a little- to more complex forms of reciprocity. What happens if artists organize meetings and seek for reciprocity in this artistic practice? These questions are the focus of a lecture performance on 28 January 2020 initiated by Lies Van Assche, Erik Hagoort and Nadia Mohmand. Erik Hagoort gave an introduction with a lecture about reciprocity in Relational Art. We presented the video ‘weaving encounter’ (2014). This shows how master students met in a gobelin studio in St Petersburg for a week by weaving together. Lies Van Assche gave an introduction about her work as a so-called ""artistic connector for social change". Impact: "Erik Hagoort en Lies Van Assche initiated this lecture performance to think together with peers about fundamental facets of art and meeting, including reciprocity. This lecture performance was part of the masterclass Leaving traces - Tissues that carry human signatures given by Lies van Assche and Nadia Mohmand, but was accessible to everyone. We brought together artists, students, curators….who wanted to know more about reciprocity in Relational Art and invited them also to start up a dialog about this question : "" What happens if artists organize meetings and seek for reciprocity in this artistic practice? '' By starting up a dialog in-between a polyphonic group of people we wanted to create new insights and perspectives for this group and myself. Maybe this lecture could inspire them to think about how they can create social impact with their own practice. It was a turning point in my research. As a researcher I was a participant of this meeting and at the same time an observer of what happened in between the participants. Taking this position created new possibilities to further explore. "
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