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Nomadic ontmoetingsatelier


Namen (auteur/functie)

Evenement data

Novembre 2020/Middelheimmuseum & april 2020/extra city
nog te vertalen An encounter studio is an artistic inclusive space where you can be independently connected to others and the world, while at the same time being an artistic intervention in public space. Showing your textile talent, passing on knowledge, showing a personal textile object and telling a personal textile story is the way we use in the encounter studio to establish a relationship with each other. Participants should bring a piece of textile, a textile object, a piece of clothing - a fabric that bears traces of life or a memory. We want to start off the dialogue in relation to this personal pieces of textile. A great deal of care will go into the quality of the meeting itself, which is expected to be approached without value judgment. The roles and contributions are not predefined, but developed on the spot. Equality in transfer and exchange, the potential of a co-creation process, and reflection on common knowledge, practices and skills are key. It's a physical meeting place par excellence, where the participant will be challenged to explore his relationship with the world. Art (and craft) as a source of information about ourselves, the other and the world around us.
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