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Leaving a trace - Textiles that carry human signatures


Namen (auteur/functie)

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Antwerpen Kaska , Mortsel De Feniks/ DOEK : 27.01.2020 - 07.02.2020
nog te vertalen "In this master class we brought together artists and traditional embroidery talent from Afghanistan. Artistic and artisan talent come together to share knowledge, skills and stories. During this workshop we want to stimulate dialogue about equal co-creation. The invitation is to contribute to a student-master trajectory in which the roles and contributions are not predefined but developed in dialogue. You get something from these ‘masters’ and in return you give something back to them, in whatever form, as an artist. Participants should bring a piece of textile, a textile object, a piece of clothing - a fabric that bears traces of life or a memory. We start off the dialogue in relation to this personal pieces of textile, which could eventually also function as a canvas for artistic work. This masterclass introduced them also in different social-engaged practices and the artists got the invitation to open up their practices and create a socially engaged artistic project in one week . "
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